Refrigerator Light Dimmer

The Refrigerator Light Dimmer is a dimming system for the interior lights of a refrigerator.

  • Won’t Blind Users with Usual Bright Light
  • Dims Light During Late Night or Early Morning Hours
  • Users Can Set or Program Times and Illumination Levels
  • Ideal for All Types of Refrigerators
  • Standard for New Refrigerators or Add-On Item for Existing Refrigerators


Utility Patent # 10,334,710

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Johanna C. van Daalen of Palm Bay, FL has created a dimming system for the interior lights of a refrigerator.

Refrigerator lights always come on at full brightness regardless of the time of day. Not only is this somewhat of an energy waster, but it also subjects the user to blinding levels of light. While this can be bothersome for anybody, it is especially annoying to those who may be suffering from a hangover. In turn, Inventor van Daalen created the Refrigerator Light Dimmer. Now the interior lighting levels on refrigerators can be modified during specific times of the day!

This clever new invention wont blind users with a refrigerators usual bright light. It dims the light during late night or early morning hours. Users can set or program times and illumination levels to fit their schedule or needs. The dimmer is ideal for all types of refrigerators. It can be a factory standard or add-on item for existing refrigerators. Act now!

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