Recycling Transfer Cart

The Recycling Transfer Cart conveniently moves recycling bins and garbage cans with ease.

  • Designated Spots for Recycling Bins and Garbage Cans
  • Allows for an Easy, One Trip Transfer to the Curb
  • No Bending Required with Elevated Bins
  • Cart is Provided with Brakes
  • Saves Everyone Time


Design Patent #D747,586.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Richard E. Ludchen of Niagara Falls, ON has created a device that conveniently moves recycling bins and garbage cans with ease.The idea came about after the hassle of collecting and moving trash and recycling. It used to take Inventor Ludchen numerous trips to get everything outside for pickup. He knew there had to be an easier way. Not only was he tired of making four trips to the curb, he saw an elderly neighbor struggling with her own garbage. This is when the idea for the Recycling Transfer Cart was born.This clever new invention has designated spots for recycling bins and garbage cans. It allows for an easy, one trip transfer to the curb. The bins are elevated which means no bending required. The device is provided with brakes. The Recycling Transfer Cart keeps you organized, saves you time, and eliminates the backache of moving your recycling and trash for weekly pickup.
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