Recoil Device for Mobile Phone Headsets

This invention is a device that provides the proper amount of headset cable when using a wired earpiece with a mobile phone.

  • Tension Spring Provides Automatic Operation
  • Extends or Retracts Excess Cable
  • Reduces Cable Tangling
  • Works with All Mobile Phones
  • Adaptable for Personal Music Players


Utility Patent #8,774,443

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors John C. Anderson & Ben Anderson of Tampa, FL have created a device that allows headset cables of a mobile phone to be easily extended and retracted.

People have grown accustomed to the convenience afforded by cellular telephones. To further the functionality of such phones, manufacturers have added the ability to use a wireless headset. However, many users still prefer wired headphones due to their reduced RF exposure, higher fidelity, lower cost, and ease of use. Most users simply cram their headphones into a pocket when not using them, but the result is a knotted up cord. Additionally, when in use the cord is often just left dangling from the users head where it may pose a safety hazard. Inventors Anderson & Anderson have devised a means by which a user can always be assured of the proper length of headset cable when using a cellular phone.

This clever new invention has a tension spring, which provides automatic operation. Conveniently, cable can be extended and retracted without tangling. The device works with all mobile phones, and can be adapted to work with personal music players. The use of the Recoil Device for Mobile Phone Headsets allows a user to engage in any activity without the worry of excess headset cable.

Ben Anderson wins USF Young Innovators award:
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