Recessed Wall Outlet

This invention is anelectrical concaved outlet box with cord openings which prevent plugs fromprotruding past the wall.

  • Eliminates Accidental Unplugging
  • Secures Cords to Electrical Outlets
  • Keeps Cords Hidden & Organized
  • Enhances Child Safety
  • Increases Wall Outlet Aesthetic Qualities


Design Patent #D635,099

Story Behind the Invention

InventorDavid Kramer of Vancouver, WA has designed anelectrical concaved outlet box that prevents plugs from protruding past thewall.

Among the manydangers present in any home, the risks of injury or death caused by electricityand electrical devices are among the most common.  The most common way of protecting childrenagainst accidental contact with electrical receptacles is by the use ofchildproof plastic covers; however, these covers must be removed when anelectrical device is plugged in and then again become a safety issue.  Additionally, Outlets coming in contact withwater in a garage, bathroom, and kitchen remain a concern for everyone.  Finally, the location and spacing ofelectrical outlets is governed by codes and regulations, but their aestheticappearance often leaves much to be desired in certain locations.  Inventor Kramerhas created a means by which the safety, security and appearance of electricaloutlets can be modified to address the above concerns.

Thisclever new invention keeps cords hidden and organized, while eliminating thepossibility of a cord being accidentally unplugged.  Electrical cords will always remain secure tothe electrical outlet regardless of the situation.  The invention not only enhances safety, butalso increases aesthetic quality. The use of the RecessedWall Outlet allows for power cord retention, physicalprotection, safety access, and increased aesthetic qualities for the common ACelectrical outlet.

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