Recessed USB Port

The Recessed USB Port is a personal computer system with a recessed slot for USB memory drives.

  • For Desktop and Notebook Computers
  • Memory Device Resides Inside of Computer
  • Prevents USB Damage and Breakage
  • Great for Mobile Environments
  • Provides Competitive Advantage for Computer Manufacturers


Utility Patent #9,360,891

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Steven Van Der Merwe of Creston, BC has created a personal computer system with a recessed slot for USB memory drives.

USB memory devices or flash drives are capable of holding vast amounts of information. The amount of information they store allows a number of computer users to carry all of the data files they need. These devices plug into common USB jacks on desktop and notebook computers. However, their design leaves them protruding, making them prone to damage and breakage. Inventor Van Der Merwe has created an improved USB memory device can be used with all types of computers.

This clever new invention is for desktop and notebook computers. The memory device resides inside of the computer. This prevents USB damage and breakage. It is great for mobile environments. It provides a competitive advantage for computer manufacturers. The use of the Recessed USB Port allows one to use USB memory devices in computers without worry of damage to either component in a manner which is quick, easy and effective.

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