Recessed Cutting Board

The Recessed Cutting Board is a cutting board with a raised lip to retain liquids, and juices during use.

  • Works Like A Conventional Cutting Board
  • Prevents Liquid From Running Off The Board
  • Holds A Large Quantity Of Liquid
  • Easily Cleaned And Sanitized
  • Holds food Securely


Design Patent # D682,634

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor William V. Datavs of Lombard, IL has created a cutting board with a raised lip to retain liquids and juices during use.

Cutting boards are frequently used in the kitchen. While a cutting board does a fine job of allowing meat to be cut while protecting cutting knives from damage, they do not do a good job of retaining any liquids. These liquids and juices are likely to run off of the cutting board where they end up on dining room tables, kitchen sinks, or floor surfaces. A large kitchen towel can be placed underneath the cutting board, but such a solution is inconvenient and difficult to manage. Inventor Datavs has created a means by which liquids and juices from cut food products can be retained on a cutting board to eliminate these problems.

This clever new invention works like a conventional cutting board but also prevents liquid from running off the board. It holds a large quantity of liquid. It can be easily cleaned and sanitized. It is ideal for all kitchens. The use of the Recessed Cutting Board provides a means of retaining juices and other liquids during cutting board use in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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