Receptacle with Can Counter

The invention counts your cans for recycling. No longer will you have to spend countless hours counting your cans before you go to the recycling center. This will let you know the count as each can enters into the receptacle.

  • Promotes Recycling
  • Counts Cans in Seconds
  • Ensures You Get Proper Recycling Credit
  • No Batteries Needed
  • Simple Reset Button


Utility Patent #9,842,292

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Margaret Miller of Devon, AB has created a receptacle that counts cans for recycling. No longer will a person have to spend endless hours counting cans before going to the recycling center.

With societys increasing awareness of the worlds dwindling supply of natural resources and overflowing landfills, many communities are providing and even mandating recycling services to its residents. The benefits of these efforts have already begun to be seen and will continue to be realized in the future. However these efforts are accompanied by some burdens. One requirement, for the collection of used beverage cans, is that they are packaged in bags with a certain quantity, especially for monetary rebates. The user is typically forced to wait until more than enough cans are collected, and then recount the correct number into a separate bag or container. This not only takes time, it also forces the consumer to wait longer than necessary to collect any recycling credit. Inventor Miller has created a means by which recycled beverage containers can be easily counted for recycling purposes.

This clever new invention promotes recycling. It counts cans in seconds and ensures that the user receives the proper recycling credit. It has a simple reset button. No batteries are needed. The use of the Receptacle with Can Counter provides for quick, automated, and correct counting of recycled beverage cans in a recycling container in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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