Rebar Sleeve Unit

The invention is a series of tubular assemblies that are installed before concrete is poured into its corresponding bed which creates a series of deep holes for secure rebar placement.

  • Made of Polymer, Plastic or Metal
  • Evenly Spaced
  • Roadway Construction or Similar Projects
  • Eight Units Per Sleeve
  • Creates a Simpler, More Time-Efficient Solution


Utility Patent #8,496,398

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michael DiPietro of Highland Park, IL has designed a series of tubular assemblies that are installed before concrete is poured. These assemblies create a series of deep holes that secure rebar placement.

Having the proper tool for any job can save time money and labor. The current process of installing rebar dowels into freshly poured concrete by boring each hole approximately 12 on center along the entire length of the newly poured slab, is not only time consuming but both expensive and considered hard labor. The current method of installing rebar dowels requires the worker to do so by hand and must be repeated with each slab. Luckily for concrete workers everywhere, Inventor DiPietro has created a more efficient way in which concrete slabs are connected on roadways and the like.

This clever new invention can be made of polymer, plastic or metal. It allows for concrete slabs to be evenly pinned together, and would be ideal for roadway construction jobs. Additionally, the invention is available in eight unit sleeves. The use of the Rebar Sleeve Unit creates a simpler, more time efficient solution to connecting concrete slabs.

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