Rally Towel Holder

The invention is a mechanism that provides for the enhanced twirling of sports towels above ones head at sporting events as a means of showing fan support.

  • Allows Towel To Spin Freely
  • Provided With Wrist Strap
  • Easy To Hold Soft Handle
  • Unique Attention Getter
  • Great Collectors Item

Story Behind the Invention

Now found at virtually all sporting events, rally towels are used to indicate fans excitement and enthusiasm for their teams. Spun rapidly above ones head, these towels unfortunately tend to tangle and knot. Inventor Amodei alleviates this drawback and adds novelty to the rally towel with his patent pending device.

This clever new invention allows the rally towel to spin freely. It is provided with a soft handle and wrist strap for comfort and control. A unique attention getter and great collectors item, the Rally Towel Holder ultimately enhances entertainment at any sporting event.

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