Rainwater Automation System Controller

The Rainwater Automation System Controller is a new novel approach to rainwater collection.

  • Better Water, Less Maintenance
  • “Flush, Stage & Protect” Functionality
  • Simple Installation and Service
  • Weather-Tight Remote Display
  • Can Integrate with Existing Well Systems and Provide Automatic Switch-over between Systems


Utility Patent #9,633,532

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John Larrison of Georgetown, TX has created a new novel approach to rainwater collection!

Water quality has always been a challenge, so much so that most people dont consider rainwater as a potable source. Others may be uncomfortable with the required maintenance or unsightly tanks usually associated with rainwater harvesting. In turn, Inventor Larrison created the Rainwater Automation System Controller. Bulky storage tanks can now be kept at a distant location or building. The device is driven by a small computer that receives input from a rain sensor, a freeze sensor, and float switches in tanks. The system is configured to each unique installation and a user can easily change collection parameters to handle excessive seasonal pollen conditions. It controls commonly available valves and pumps for a reliable and holistic solution to rainwater collection.

The Rainwater Automation System Controller is more than a concept; it has been proven in a dozen beta working rainwater collection systems. In fact, Inventor Larrison has been living solely on rainwater since 2004 in central Texas. For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities, act now! Additional information is available at www.Larrison.us.

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