Rain Water Collection System

The invention is a rain water storage system that utilizes plastic tanks which are situated at the corners or architectural interfaces of a structure where downspouts are typically present.

  • Excellent for Water Conservation
  • Mesh Cover Keeps Debris Out
  • Tap for Connection to a Hose
  • Customizable for Any Down Spout
  • Durable, Aesthetic Design


Utility Patent #8,578,976

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Stephen D. Davis of Waterdown, ON has developed an invention that is a rain water storage and utilization system. The strong, durable tanks are located at the corners of the architectural structure where downspouts are typically present collecting thus enabling the collection of rain water.

Many areas rely on cisterns for water supply. A cistern is basically a container for holding rain water runoff from roofs and other horizontal surfaces. However, the typical cistern that collects roof rain water usually only allows a person to dunk a pail inside for filling. As such, it is not easy or even handy. The remaining water is usually not used for personal consumption, but it is ideal for other tasks that do not require potable water; such as irrigation, and washing cars. Inventor Davis development of the Rain Water Collection System fulfills this need.

This clever new invention is excellent for water conservation and has a durable, aesthetic design. It features a mesh cover keeping debris out, a tap for an easy connection to a hose, and is customizable for any down spout. The use of the Rain Water Collection System provides an easy means of using excess rain water and promoting water conservation in a manner that is easy, cost-effective, efficient, and eco-friendly.

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