Railroad Hand Brake Locking Device

The Railroad Hand Brake Locking Device is an apparatus to lock the hand wheel brake on railcars.

  • Easy to Use
  • Prevents “Roll Aways”
  • Protects Against Unauthorized Access and Theft
  • Simple to Mount and Install
  • Portable and Great for Maintenance Purposes


Design Patent - D777,603; Utility Patent - 10,035,493; Utility Patent - 11,586,237

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Bryan K. Lundy, a railroad machine operator from Republic, MO has created an apparatus to lock the hand wheel brake on railcars.

Trains crisscross our country every day. While in motion, braking is performed by a pneumatic braking system. When rail cars are detached and separated, braking is performed by a manual hand wheel typically located at the end of each car. Theses brakes are used to secure the rail cars against unintended motion, movement, and even theft. However, its really easy to disengage these brakes accidentally or even maliciously. In turn, Inventor Lundy created the Railroad Hand Brake Locking Device. He knew this product would improve safety for those working on railroads and people living near them.

This clever new invention is easy to use. The tool follows the general shape and form of an open end wrench. It prevents roll aways. It protects against unauthorized access, tampering, and theft. The device is simple to mount and install. It is also portable and great for maintenance purposes. Now users can easily secure the manual hand braking systems of individual rail cars in a manner which is not only quick, easy and effective, but safe and secure as well. Act now!

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