The Rai-B-Q is a charcoal-based outdoor food cooking appliance.

  • Fire Safety: Won’t Harm People or Property
  • No Burnt Food, Self Basting
  • Oven Bag Cooking for Easy Removal of Trans Fats
  • Portable: Cook Anywhere, Anytime
  • Perfect for Backyard Patios, Camping, and Tailgate Parties


Utility Patent #9,521,928

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Raymond B. Stelljes of Beaumont, CA has created a charcoal-based outdoor food cooking appliance.

Inspired by his passion for cooking and eliminating the fire dangers associated with using deep fryers, the idea for the invention was born. Inventor Stelljes wanted to create a device that would be safe for his family and friends and would allow for healthy eating. Most often, a grill operated by charcoal or gas is used to prepare food. This method requires that the food be placed directly upon the grilling surface. However, this means that a large heated surface must be constantly watched to ensure that the flames do not flare up, and that no combustible object comes in contact with the grill. Inventor Stelljes has created a means for an economically friendly, family friendly, oil free, mess free, and touch safe radiant heat oven.

This clever new invention offers improved fire safety. The oven wont harm people or property. No burnt food. The invention allows for self basting. Oven bag cooking allows for easy removal of trans fats. The device is portable so you can cook anywhere at anytime. It is perfect for backyard patios, camping, and tailgate parties. The use of the Rai-B-Q allows one to easily cook almost any type of food in an outdoor environment on a charcoal-based fire, without the need to constantly attend to the food.

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