Protective Sports Cap

Our Protective Sports Cap is a line of protective helmets for use in sports such as basketball or soccer.

  • Prevents Head Injuries
  • Does Not Impact Users Field Of View
  • Low Profile & Lightweight Design
  • Provided With Adjustable Chin Strap
  • Washable

Story Behind the Invention

There are many sports that require the use of helmets. These sports include football, baseball, motor sports, bicycling, and the like. While the need for physical head protection is readily obvious for most of these sports, the use of helmets is often absent from others such as basketball and soccer. Collisions while playing often result in concussions or sometimes life-threatening injuries. Even when helmets are required, many complain of the lack of peripheral vision or about sweating while playing indoors. Inventor Johnson has developed a protective helmet which addresses these concerns.

This clever new invention prevents head injuries. It does not impact users field of view. It has a low profile and lightweight design. It is provided with an adjustable chin strap and is washable. The use of the Protective Sports Cap provides for the protection of a sporting participants head in a manner which is not only easy and effective, but safe as well.

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