Protection Cage for Air Conditioning Unit

The invention will help increase security and prevent theft of compressor units, copper tubing and refrigerant from outdoor HVAC equipment.

  • Attaches to Ground Using Angle Iron Straps
  • Lockable Hinged Surface
  • Manufactured with Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Built-in Access Panels for Maintenance
  • Saves Money on Home Owners Insurance
  • Residential & Commercial Applications


Design Patent #D704,812

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ray A. Benjamin, Sr. of Pensacola, FL has designed an apparatus that secures exterior air conditioning compressor units.

Outdoor compressor units used as part of air conditioning or heat pump systems have become a favorite target of thieves due to their high scrap value of copper tubing, refrigerant, wiring, and other materials. Such units are impossible to secure in a locked location such as a building or storage shed since they need to be located outside. This same fact also makes them difficult to guard with an electronic alarm system. Inventor Benjamin has created a means by which exterior air conditioning compressors used on air conditioning or heat pump systems can be protected from theft.

This clever new invention attached to the ground using angled iron straps, and has a locking hinge mechanism. It would be made of heavy gauge steel to guard against theft and to remain intact over time. Additionally, the invention features a built-in access panel for maintenance. The use of the Protective Cage for Air Conditioning Unit allows for increased security of outdoor HVAC equipment in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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