Precast Concrete Wall System

This invention is a specialized precast concrete wall system for building foundations.

  • Saves Time & Money
  • Easy To Schedule & Use
  • Builder/Budget Friendly
  • Increases Strength/Reduces Weight
  • An Alternative to Block & Cast in Place Foundations

Story Behind the Invention

Concrete is a popular construction material due to the fact that it is almost indestructible and will last a lifetime in even the harshest of environmental conditions. It is often seen being used on crawlspace walls. Pouring such walls requires a great deal of time and effort, resulting in a longer construction schedule. Inventor Brownson has created a means by which the strength of concrete walls can be provided without the customary arduous building and preparation process while maintaining consistently higher quality and significantly reducing the construction schedule.

This clever new invention provides an alternative to cinder blocks and casting in place foundations by using casts to make modular concrete wall sections. In addition to the modular wall sections, the system includes corners, tee walls, beam pockets, pilasters, and vent block outs. The walls sit on conventional cast-in-place concrete footings. The invention is designed to be easy to schedule and use so that it is both builder and budget friendly. As well as saving time and money, it also increases the strength and reduces the weight of the wall. The system is lightweight as a result of using 60% less concrete than conventional cast-in-place concrete wall systems. The use of the Precast Concrete Wall System provides an alternative to conventional foundations that is not only technically superior, but cost effective as well.

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