Portable Beverage Cooler with Integral Supporting Means

The invention is a portable picnic cooler with enhanced features that allows for easy transportation of cold food.

  • Ideal For Bottled Beverages
  • Integral Food Tray Holds Food Above Ice
  • Removable Inserts
  • Easy To Clean
  • Perfect For Tailgating, Picnics & Camping


Design Patent #D709,336

Story Behind the Invention

Insulated coolers are considered a necessity for keeping food and beverages chilled while camping, picnicking, or for other outdoor activities. Food, drinks, and containers are usually just tossed into a cooler, covered with ice, and transported insecurely. Unfortunately, when it is time for a meal preparation or a cold beverage, the cooler is opened only to find a mess; the food is ruined from melted ice and glass beverage bottles are broken. Inventor Liebenthal has created a cooler that not only keeps food dry and cool, but also keeps beverage bottles held securely in place.

This clever new invention is ideal for holding bottled beverages because of its specially designed insert with multiple circular openings. Another insert holds food above the ice and beverages, keeping it dry and undamaged. Both inserts are removable for easy cleaning. The inventions design makes it perfect to take along for tailgating, picnics, and camping. The use of the Portable Beverage Cooler with Integral Supporting Means allows for quick and easy transportation of cold food and beverage bottles or cans.

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