Portable Solar Energy Collection and Distribution Device

This invention is a portable powersource that is charged by solar power.

  • Charges Most Small Electronics
  • Adjustable For Optimal Sunlight
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Emergency Beacon
  • Ideal For Outside Events
  • Batteries For Overcast Days


Utility Patent #8,203,237

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Scott R. Cowles of San Francisco,CA has developed a portable power sourcethat is charged by solar power.

Modern concerns over the limitedsupply of fossil fuels have generated a great deal of research in the area ofalternative energy sources. Additionally, air pollution produced by the combustion of fossil fuelsis another area of environmental concern. Solar power is one answer to these concerns, but so far has only seenlimited use. Those wishing to use solar power to charge or operate smallelectrical devices are forced to make their own solar power system usingseparate electrical components, often with limited success.  Inventor Cowleshas developed a means by which multiple everyday devices can be operated andcharged via solar power.

This clever new invention has anadjustable solar panel in order to receive optimal sunlight; however, it alsohas a rechargeable battery pack in case of an overcast day.  It charges various small appliances, has anemergency beacon, and is ideal for outside use. Best of all it is environmentally friendly.  The use of the PortableSolar Energy Collection and Distribution Device provides a costeffective and safe method of operating electrical devices using solar power.

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