Portable Gear Ratchet for Tie-Down Assemblies

The invention is a device designed to aid in the tightening of cargo straps used on flat-bed trailers.

  • Uses Gear Reduction System Providing Proper Torque
  • Ideal For Physically Challenged Individuals
  • Can Be Used On Any Tractor-Trailer Rig
  • Saves Time Loading & Unloading


Utility Patent 8,434,979

Story Behind the Invention

Load straps are a common sight in the trucking industry. They are used to secure loads, primarily on flat bed trailers of tractor-trailer rigs, and are useful since they can readily adapt to any size load and securely hold such loads for long distances across interstate highways. However, as with most mechanical items, they must be properly used to be effective. Should they not be tight enough, the load can move about and perhaps even fall from the truck. Most drivers use a bar to tighten such load straps in their bracket, but the process is very time consuming and difficult. Inventor Genge has created a device specifically designed to aid in the tightening of cargo straps used on flat-bed trailers to save time and effort.

This clever new invention uses a gear reduction system which provides proper torque for tightening and can be used on any tractor trailer rig. The invention is ideal for physically challenged individuals and saves time loading and unloading, no matter the users physical stature. Also, the invention is available for factory installation or as an aftermarket kit. The use of the Portable Gear Ratchet for Tie-Down Assemblies provides a means to use load straps on tractor-trailer rigs more quickly and more safely.
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