Portable Utility Tray for Scaffolding

The Portable Utility Tray for Scaffolding is a device designed to hold tools and supplies while on baker style scaffolding.

  • Keeps Tools and Supplies Close At Hand
  • Increases Safety
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Improves Work Flow
  • Fit All Types of Scaffolding


Design Patent #D735,354

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Blaine Fadear, a construction forman from Langley, BC has created a device designed to hold tools and supplies while on a baker style scaffolding.

Baker style scaffolding is very useful in the construction and maintenance industry fields. More often than not, workers on such scaffolding are required to use tools to complete their tasks. However, with the scaffolding being of a relatively small size, there is no suitable location to place tools other than the floor of the scaffolding. Reaching to the floor of the scaffolding stops the work flow process. Placing tools there also poses a tripping hazard, which can be especially dangerous at elevated work locations. Additionally, tools can easily be kicked over the side of the scaffolding, where they can fall on workers who may be working below, often resulting in horrific injuries. Inventor Fadear has created a means by which tools and other supplies which are used on baker style scaffolding can be easily controlled to address these issues.

This clever new invention keeps tools and supplies close at hand. It increases safety. It is lightweight and portable. The device improves work flow on scaffolding. It fits all types of scaffolding. The use of the Portable Utility Tray for Scaffolding allows workers the ability to accomplish their work, in a manner that is not only quick, easy, and effective, but safe as well.

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