Portable Toddler Mat

This invention is a soft protective barrier against hard and dirty surfaces which infants and toddlers may lay or play upon.

  • Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor Events
  • Durable, Waterproof Bottom Layer
  • Foam Core with Removable Soft Cover
  • Raised Edges Serves as Barrier
  • Folds Up for Easy Carrying


Utility Patent 8,549,680

Story Behind the Invention

There are numerous products intended to protect infants and toddlers from an endless list of dangers; however, one area where physical protection has been surprisingly lacking is when a child is simply laying or playing upon the floor or ground. Indoor locations subject the child to dirt, hard flooring, and rough carpets. On the other hand outdoor locations pose a danger from sand, dirt, insects, and chemicals. Inventor Nichols has created a means by which children can be protected from dirt and discomfort when situated on the ground.

This clever new invention has a durable waterproof bottom layer, raised outer edge, and removable foam core. The mat is ideal for the park, play dates, and practically any other indoor or outdoor event. Additionally, the invention neatly folds up and has shoulder straps that allow for easy transportation. The use of the Portable Toddler Mat allows for a protective surface for an infant or toddler to lie upon no matter their location.
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