Portable, Temporary Fence Post

The portable, temporary, fence post provides a means for fast, easy construction of a fence to contain livestock.

  • Ideal For All Domesticated Livestock
  • Makes For Easy Wire Installation
  • Quickly Replaces Existing Broken Fences
  • Easy To Break Down & Transport
  • Simple, Cost Effective Design


Design Patent #D619,738

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ambrosius Mannhart of Whitecourt, AB has developed a new product which can be used to erect temporary fenced areas for livestock.

Domesticated animals on farms and ranches across the country have been contained with fences for years. While there are many types of fences and posts and almost as many different ways to install them, they are all fairly permanent in nature. Such methods are not practical when traveling overnight with livestock, or when a temporary pen area is needed for any reason. These situations force the caretaker to improvise with whatever material is at hand, often leading to disastrous results. The development of the Portable, Temporary Fence Post is a new solution to this old problem.

This clever new invention is ideal for all domesticated livestock. The wide post bases and eyelets provide for quick, stable installation. The Portable, Temporary Fence Post can be used to quickly replace a broken existing fence. Also, the innovative design means that the product is easy to break down and transport. The use of the Portable, Temporary Fence Post may just be the ideal solution to your fencing problems.

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