Portable Solar Light Holder

The invention is a storage container for post-type outdoor wireless solar lights.

  • Provides Safe Transportation of Lights
  • Stored in Sunny Areas for Recharging
  • Light Receiving Holes
  • Carrying Handles
  • Integral Storage Compartment


Design Patent #D700,781

Story Behind the Invention

Many Americans take great pride in maintaining and beautifying their lawns and landscape all for the sake of enhancing the aesthetic qualities of their property. One item that has recently become popular is that of landscape lighting, which not only adds beauty to flower beds, walkways, and lawns, but also provides safety. Additionally, high efficiency lights working with solar cells have helped to make their use even more widespread. However, there are instances during the day when the lights need to be temporarily moved from the shade to sunny areas for recharging. Unfortunately, carrying and storing multiple lights without damaging them can be a challenging task. Inventor Moran has created an innovative device to help make storage and transportation of multiple post-style solar lights a safer and simpler chore.

This clever new invention consists of a box shaped container with carrying handles for safe transportation of lights. It also contains an integral storage compartment for holding accessories. In addition to these features, the invention also includes light receiving holes so that it can be stored in sunny areas for recharging. The use of the Portable Solar Light Holder provides a means to easily store and organize solar powered lights in a convenient, transportable container.

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