Portable Sawhorse

The invention, made of a lightweight tubular material, provides support for a board or plank while sawing. This device can also be used as a field work table.

  • Folding Legs for Easy Storage
  • Assembles Quickly Without Tools
  • Provides Convenient Transportation and Storage
  • Can Support Heavy Material
  • Great for Contractors or DIYs


Design Patent # D688,388

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Steven J. Ardoin of Sulphur, LA has design a set of portable lightweight sawhorses.

Sawhorses are found on virtually every construction site. They are also often found in residential applications where they are used to temporarily hold large objects at waist level for ease of access. They are easily configurable with regards to width and can be pressed into service for almost any need. However, sawhorses are generally large and require a somewhat large storage space when not in use, even if stacked together. This same disadvantage also makes it difficult to transport sawhorses in trucks and work trailers. Inventor Ardoin has created a means by which the multiple benefits and features of sawhorses can be utilized without the disadvantages of storage and transportation.

This clever new invention features folding legs for easy storage, yet assembles quickly without any tools as to not waste time. It can still do the same job as a traditional sawhorse, but provides for convenient transportation and storage. The invention is ideal for contractors and do-it-yourselfers. The use of the Portable Sawhorse provides the functionality of sawhorses without the burden of difficult transportation or finding a large place to store them.

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