Physical Therapy Portable Exercise Table

The invention is a portable, foldable therapy table which provides a firm but comfortable surface to carry out all types of physical therapy techniques.

  • Sets Upon A Standard Mattress
  • Designed For In-Home Use
  • Holds Up To 250 Pounds
  • Great For Traveling
  • No Leg Supports Needed


Design Patent # D619,722

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Linda Roseanne Pierce & Eric Rodgers Pierce of York, PA have designed a portable, foldable physical therapy table, which provides a firm yet comfortable surface.

The focus of health care is quickly changing as more procedures are taking place in the home in an effort to save costs. Many of these changes have been made possible by advances in technology and communication. A typical home can provide most of the amenities of a hospital or clinic, however some are more difficult. An example of this is a suitable table upon which therapy can be administered. While portable therapy tables are available, they are heavy to transport and often difficult for the patient to climb upon. The Inventors have created a means by which a firm, lightweight, and easy to use surface can be provided in a home environment so that physical therapy can be carried out.

This clever new invention is designed for in-home use upon a standard mattress. The uniquely designed table holds up to 250 pounds and requires no leg supports. It is ideal for the traveling therapist. The use of the Physical Therapy Portable Exercise Table makes it easy for physical therapist to carry out therapy sessions during house calls.

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