Portable Multiple Form Organizer

This invention provides a means toeasily organize, transport, and read multiple pieces of paper, forms, andinvoices associated with picking product in warehouse situations. Also goodfor, the delivery process, yielding increased productivity and overall loweroperating costs.

  • Holds Minimum Of 3 Stacks Of Paper 
  •  Forms Held in Place by 3 Clips 
  •  45 Angle Allows for Easy Reading 
  •  4 Hooks Allows for Portability & Fastening 
  •  Fastens to Forklifts, Electric Jacks &Delivery Trucks 
  •  Raised Edge Holds Writing, Calculating &Other Work Tools 
  •  Speeds Up The Work Process


Utility Patent #8,308,121

Story Behind the Invention

InventorThomas J. Poplawski of North Grosvenordale, CT has developed a tool to help workers who handle a great deal ofpaperwork to keep more organized.

Businesses todaycan use computerized and electronic programs during shipping and receivingprocesses, all of which increase productivity and reduce mistakes.  However, a majority of these items are stilltracked by various papers such as invoices, tracking forms, and so on.  Workers are often dealing with multiplepieces of paper at one time throughout the shipping and receiving process.  This sometimes leads to disorganization andconfusion since only one paper can be read at a time on a clipboard.  As a result, time is wasted and the wrong itemsmay be delivered to the wrong customer, which would then translate to wastedtime and money.  Inventor Poplawski has created a means for easyorganization of multiple papers to allow for a clearer view and more efficienttransportation of paperwork.

This clever newinvention features three spring clamps to hold up to three stacks ofpaper.  Multiple hooks on the back of theinvention allow it to be hung on various surfaces in the workplace asnecessary.  A raised edge along thebottom and sides hold accessories and work tools in place.  The invention helps to speed up the workprocess, making it ideal for shipping and receiving areas where time cannot bewasted.  The use of the Portable Multiple Form Organizer providesa means to easily organize and read multiple pieces of paper to allow forincreased efficiency in work operations.

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