Portable Microphone Extender

The invention is a device that allows a conventional straight microphone stand to be used as a boom-style microphone stand, allowing the speaker or musician to stand further back from it.

  • Attaches Easily to Microphone Clip
  • Secure Friction Fit
  • Ideal for Performers Who Play Instruments
  • Opening for Easy Routing of Cords
  • Doesnt Affect Stand Stability


Utility Patent 8, 218,807

Story Behind the Invention

Collinsville,IL Inventor Cass R.Johnson announces his patent pending invention known as thePortable Microphone Extender.

InventorJohnson developed this clever innovation, whichis an apparatus that allows a standard straightmicrophone stand to be used as a boom-style microphone stand. Theinvention features an extender that has a tapered cylindrical sectionthat essentially converts the standard straight microphone stand to aboom-type stand. In use, a person would insert the standardmicrophone into the tapered cylindrical extender, while routing themicrophone cable through the slot running the length of the cylinder.Next, the small tapered end is then secured to a standard microphonestand using a friction fit to keep it in place. The device thereforeprovides a useable microphone extension without the possibility oftipping the stand over. The device is available in variouslengths, suitable to various microphone applications. Theuse of the PortableMicrophone Extenderprovides the conveniences of a boom microphone stand anytime,anywhere in a simple, compact and easy to store manner.

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