Portable Medication Cooler

  • Does Not Require Access To Refrigeration
  • Utilizes a Frozen Sleeve
  • Small & Discrete
  • Used With All Types Of Insulin
  • Improves Health & Saves Lives


Design Patent #D758,712

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Raymond Ladegast and Janet Ladegast of Rockford, MI have designed a life-saving product for those who use insulin or other refrigerated medications.

Insulin is used by diabetics all around the world every day. Although syringes are still in use, insulin is typically delivered by a pen system in recent times. One requirement of most types of insulin is that it must remain refrigerated until use, which can be burdensome for those who work or spend time on the road. If a refrigerator is not available, an ice filled cooler must be used and inconveniently carried around with the user. Inventors Ladegast have created a means by which insulin and similar chilled medications can be easily transported throughout a typical day.

This clever new invention does not require access to refrigeration due to its removable freezable sleeve which is contained in a thermal cylinder. All types of insulin can be placed in the sleeve to remain chilled and the invention is small and discreet so that it can be carried anywhere. The benefits the invention provides help to improve health and save lives. The use of the Portable Medication Cooler provides for effective temperature controlled storage of insulin and similar medications to allow for easy access to important medications whenever necessary.

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