Portable Log Skidder

Inventor Hersheys patented invention called the Portable Log Skidder is a compact lumber mover that is designed for use with an ATVs, UTVs and small farm equipment.

  • Helps Harvest Firewood & Lumber
  • Battery-Operated Winch
  • Up to 100-Foot Steel Cable
  • Ball Hitch Receiver for Easy Towing
  • Maneuvers Well in Tight Spaces
  • Remote Control Option


Utility Patent #: 8,444,361

Story Behind the Invention

STONE LAKE, WI Inventor Weldon Hershey announces his patent pending invention known as the Portable Log Skidder.

Inventor Hershey developed this clever innovation, which is a compact lumber mover that is designed for use with ATVs, UTVs and small farm equipment. The invention consists of an L-shaped steel frame with a self-contained, battery-operated winch. An inverted U-shaped structure at the rear of the frame creates an opening approximately four to five feet high and includes an upper pulley over the open frame. To utilize, the invention is backed into position over a large log. A steel cable from the winch is then strapped around one end of the log. The winch is used to raise one end of the log approximately two feet off the ground. The log skidder, along with the log, is then pulled away by a vehicle in order for the log to be harvested for firewood, lumber or other purposes. The positioning of the log is centered over two pneumatic rubber tires which carry the vast majority of the weight of the log skidder and the log, thus passing very little weight onto the trailer tongue. The winch is controlled by a wired remote control at a safe distance. The use of the Portable Log Skidder allows for the harvesting of fallen lumber in tight, remote areas easily and effectively.

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