Portable Leash Anchor

The invention is a temporary anchor system for use with pet leashes.

  • Utilizes Magnetic / Suction Cup Base
  • Provided With Quick Release Clasp
  • The Largest And Strongest Of Pets Cannot Run Away
  • Leaves No Telltale Marks Behind
  • Increases Pet Safety


Utility Patent #9,131,659.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor James D. Donaldson of Edmonton, AB has designed a temporary anchor system for use with pet leashes.

The act of walking a dog is a pleasure enjoyed by many pet owners. The ability to get outside and experience nature and ones surroundings is a simple joy. However, there are many times when a pet owner wishes to leave their pet unattended for a short period of time during a walk. Unfortunately, a suitable and secure anchoring surface is not always available. This forces the user to construct a makeshift solution which is neither easy to construct nor often secure enough to hold the pet. In the most unfortunate of situations, the pet can become loose, run away, or suffer from even worse consequences. Inventor Donaldson has created a means by which dogs and other pets can be easily anchored via a leash at almost any location in a secure and quick manner.

This clever new invention utilizes a suction cup base, which is provided with a quick release clasp. It leaves no marks behind when removed, and can be used over and over again. Even the largest and strongest of pets cannot run away with this device, which increases overall pet safety. The use of the Portable Leash Anchor provides dog walkers a suitable secure connection point for their dog leash at almost any location.

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