Portable Illuminated Sign

The invention is an illuminated display sign for concerts, sporting events, and similar activities.

  • Withstands Inclement Weather
  • Powered By Rechargeable Battery
  • Can Be Seen Far Away
  • Attention Grabbing
  • Reusable


Design Patent #D785,095

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robin J. Davis of Hot Springs, AR has designed an illuminated, erasable display board for concerts and sporting events.

It is a common sight at sporting events, concerts, rallies, and similar events to see small personal signs being waved about. These signs attempt to convey a personal thought or feeling regarding the event. Those signs close to the action or those with an eye-catching design may not only get noticed by the performers or athletes, but may get on television. Unfortunately, many of these signs are only seen by a few people and most end up in the trash. Inventor Davis has created a means by which personal signs cannot only be reused over and over, but can almost ensure that attention will be gained.

This clever new invention is not only an attention grabber, but saves costs and the environment with its reusable nature. The illumination portion of the sign allows the invention to be viewed from far away, and is powered by a rechargeable battery. Additionally, the invention can withstand inclement weather at outdoor events. The use of the Portable Illuminated Sign provides a unique method of expressing ones thoughts in a manner which is quick, easy and effective.

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