Portable HVAC Solenoid Power Kit

The invention is a repair kit to assist in the complete removal of refrigerant from air conditioning systems.

  • Used on Direct Expansion A/C Systems
  • Activates the Solenoid or Check Valve
  • Connects to Conventional Power Sources
  • Can Also Check For Electrical Shorts
  • Provides Complete User Protection

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John Philip Terrice of Cabot,AR has designed a repair kit to assist in the complete removalof refrigerant from air conditioning systems.

It iscommon knowledge that a release of refrigerant used in HVAC systemsposes a serious threat to the ozone and our environment. Today,release of refrigerant is now a serious offense and controlled by lawand it is considered extremely important that all refrigerant beremoved or evacuated from HVAC systems that are undergoing majorrepair or replacement. Many of these systems utilize an electricallypowered solenoid valve or check valve in the refrigerant loop. Undernormal conditions without power applied, these valves are closed,thus isolating some of the refrigerant within the refrigerant loopand making it extremely difficult to access such refrigerant due tothe lack of power. Inventor Terrice has createda means by which solenoid valves in direct expansion air-conditioningsystems can be activated in a bypass manner to allow for completeremoval of the enclosed refrigerant.

Thisclever new invention activates the solenoid or check valve on directexpansion A/C systems. The included power cord connects toconventional power sources for convenience. The invention can alsocheck for electrical shorts and is also designed to provide completeuser protection. The use of the Portable HVACSolenoid Power Kit allows for a quick and effectivemeans for complete evacuation of refrigerant from direct expansionair-conditioning systems.

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