Portable Dumpster Moving Device

A powered apparatus for moving dumpsters and other large containers with ease.

  • Attaches to Any Dumpster
  • Hydraulic Lift System
  • Retractable Handle Adjusts to Fit Any Size User
  • Reduces Risk of Physical Injury
  • Strong and Durable


Utility Patent #9,815,508

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Bryan W. Nesbitt of Monticello, MN has created a powered apparatus for moving dumpsters and other large containers with ease.

A great deal of trash is thrown into dumpsters near buildings, apartments, townhomes, campgrounds, restaurants, and the like. A front-loading style garbage truck then lifts these containers and dumps them into a rear-mounted hopper on the truck. Unfortunately, dumpsters are often blocked in and inaccessible to the truck. This forces the worker to get out and physically manhandle the dumpster into position. As one can imagine, it is strenuous work and hard on ones body. Having worked as a garbage hauler, Inventor Nesbitt just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he developed the LMS Portable Dumpster Mover!

An electromagnet system allows for easy attachment with a 2 ball on the front of the device. It is simply positioned under the dumpster and activated. A motor powered by an on-board battery then drives two 8 pneumatic tires to allow for easy fingertip movement of the device as well as the dumpster. A retractable handle adjusts to fit any size user. When not in use, a hanging bracket system conveniently holds the device on the side of a front-load or rear-load style garbage truck.

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