Portable Curbside Sign

This Portable Curbside Sign allows for marketing and promotional information to be presented in a fun-filled and different manner that is eye-catching and effective.

  • Rectangular Locking Frame
  • Independently Adjustable Leg Support
  • Utilizes Two Dibond Panels With Integral Spares
  • Stable In Moderate Winds
  • Easily Transported By Car


Utility Patent #8,707,597

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dino Cavalieri of Schumacher, ON has created a curbside sign that effectively and creatively displays promotional and marketing information.

Advertisers can no longer rely on simple television commercials and magazine ads to get their product noticed. Todays consumer, while much more knowledgeable, often leads a lifestyle which does not expose them to conventional advertising. This is due to the fact that some cable television may not necessarily have advertising, satellite radio systems in cars do not have commercials, and the Internet often uses specific targeting methods for advertising. Additionally, todays consumers readily see through marketing hype and are not likely to be swayed by advertising that serves no purpose in their lives. However, they typically remain open to marketing information that is presented in a unique and eye-catching way. Inventor Cavalieri has created a means by which marketing and promotional information can be presented in a fun-filled and different manner that is also eye-catching.

This clever new invention features a rectangular frame and independently adjustable leg supports. The sign can be easily transported by car yet is sturdy enough to withstand inclement weather. The use of the Portable Curbside Sign presents marketing information in a unique, cost-effective, and easy manner.

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