Portable Chicken Coop

The Portable Chicken Coop is a mobile chicken coop with enhanced features.

  • Coop Can Be Moved Around as Needed
  • Two Large Doors Allow for Easy Interior Access
  • Accommodates Approximately 12 Laying Chickens with 6 Laying Boxes
  • ChickenWasteFalls through Steel Mesh Floor to act as Natural Fertilizer
  • Wheels Allow Device to be pulled with ATV or Tractor


Design Patent #D767,215

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Marc Lalonde and Lise Lalonde of Worthington, ON have created a mobile chicken coop with enhanced features.

In addition to the benefits of fresh food and eggs, chickens help with recycling kitchen scraps, provide nitrogen-rich fertilizer through their waste, function as an excellent backyard organic exterminating service, and provide amusement and companionship. The need for their own living space is typically met with a chicken coop, but the typical coop has several disadvantages. They can be dark, dingy, and difficult to access for egg retrieval and cleaning. Additionally, the removal of waste is difficult and time consuming. Finally, the perfect location of a coop at one time of year, is not the best location at other times. Inventors Lalonde have created a means by which the design and functionality of a chicken coop can be altered to address these problems.

This clever new invention allows a coop to be moved around as needed. Two large doors allow for easy interior access. It accommodates approximately twelve laying chickens with six laying boxes. Chicken waste falls through the coops steel mesh floor and acts as a natural fertilizer for the yard below. Wheels allow the device to be pulled with an ATV or tractor. The use of the Portable Chicken Coop allows for the keeping of chickens, without the disadvantages of a conventional chicken coop.

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