Portable Auxiliary Kickstand for 2-Wheeled Vehicles

The invention is an auxiliary kickstand for motorcycles.

  • Prevents Motorcycles From Tipping Over
  • Used In Addition To OEM Kickstand
  • Adjusts In Length Using Spring System
  • Can Be Placed Anywhere Needed
  • For Use On All Motorcycles


Utility Patent 8,424,895

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Daniel Paul Stokes of Keyser, WV has designed an auxiliary kickstand for 2-wheeled vehicles.

Countless Americans enjoy riding motorcycles, but just like a car there are times when a bike must be parked. The OEM kickstand is commonly called into use when the motorcycle is parked, and it usually suffices for most needs. However, there are times when the OEM kickstand is inadequate. Such times include when parked on an angled hillside, when the ground is soft or uneven, or during extremely windy conditions. Any of these conditions may cause the bike to tip over resulting in damage and costly repairs. Inventor Stokes has created a means by which motorcycles can be provided with an additional support means in order to avoid accidental tip over.

This clever new invention is to be used in addition to the OEM kickstand and is made suitable for all motorcycles. It conveniently adjusts in length using a spring system, which is ideal for uneven terrain and hills. The additional kickstand can be placed almost anywhere on the bike. The use of the Portable Auxiliary Kickstand for 2-Wheeled Vehicles allows for the stable parking of motorcycles regardless conditions.

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