Portable Adjustable Mirror Stand

This invention is a freestanding floor stand designed to hold a handheld mirror which permits viewing of the back of hairstyle when placed facing a wall mirror.

  • Assists in Hair Styling
  • Adjustable Clamps & Height
  • Holds Mirror at Any Angle
  • Frees Both Hands for Styling
  • Permits Viewing of Multiple Sides

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Jacklyn Abdool and Denise Abdool of Indianapolis, IN have developed a device to allow one to easily style their hair while also being able to view the back of their head.

Many women utilize a handheld mirror in addition to a wall mounted mirror in order to see the rear of their head when styling their hair. However, using a handheld mirror obviously leaves only one hand free, forcing one to constantly swap items between hands. With the plethora of hairstyling tools available today, it is nearly impossible to use all of them with only one hand. Trying to coordinate such tools while shorthanded is not only extremely difficult, but also takes up valuable time while trying to style ones own hair. Inventors Abdool have created a means by which the view from a handheld mirror can be provided while styling ones own hair, but without the necessity of constantly holding it.

This clever new invention effectively assists in hair styling by freeing up both hands for styling while also allowing a view of all sides of the head. The invention is freestanding and is adjustable for various heights and angles with padded clamps to hold the mirror. The use of the Portable Adjustable Mirror Stand allows for the easy support of a handheld mirror to greatly aid in hair styling.

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