Poolside Chair

This invention is a pool side chair that can be secured to the decks edge for a closer experience.

  • Adjusts for Optimal Relaxation
  • Prevents Burns Caused by Concrete
  • Eliminates Damage to Bathing Suits
  • Attaches & Locks to Pools Edge
  • Increases Comfort & Posture


Utility Patent #8,459,736

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Floyd A. Begley, Jr. of LaGrange, GA has designed a pool side chair that can be secured to the decks edge for a true poolside experience.

Nothing beats summer heat like a day at the pool. Those who get in the water are rewarded with not only being cooled off, but also low impact exercise. However, there are many pool goers that wish to remain on the edge of the pool with their feet dangling in. However, getting just ones feet in the water quickly becomes a problem. Lounge chairs dont accommodate this action, and the ground is often uncomfortable and hot. Additionally, rough concrete surfaces can quick ruin bathing suits. Inventor Begley has created a means by which pool goers can dip their feet in without the disadvantages described above.

This clever new invention is fully adjustable for optimal relaxation. It easily attaches and locks to the pools edge for increased safety. Additionally, the invention prevents burns caused by concrete, eliminates damage to bathing suits, and increases comfort and posture. The use of the Poolside Chair provides users the comfort and convenience of a chair while seated along the edge of the pool.

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