Pocket Locker

The invention is a pocket with compartments for any outerwear tops to store things normally held in a purse or wallet.

  • Eliminates need for Wallet or Purse
  • Easier To Store & Access Items
  • Multiple Inner Pockets
  • Zipper & Flap for Extra Security
  • More Comfortable Than Using Pants Pockets


Patent #D 608,983

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Karen J. Myers of Louisville, KY has developed a new way of carrying around everyday items that usually getstored in pockets or purses.

In todays world, everyone has small items that they carry with them everywhere. Wallets, cell phones, and keys are examples of the things that we just cant be without. However, in many cases, pockets can be uncomfortable or too small, and purses may be too unwieldy or difficult and annoying to keep track of. Inventor Myers created the Pocket Locker in order to provide a new option for holding stuff. This invention is designed to attach to the front of many different articles of clothing.

This clever new invention eliminates the need for wallets and purses, making it easier to store and access your items. The multiple inner pockets accommodate all sorts of items. The pockets are contained within a zipper and flap combination, which also provides forextra security. Finally, the invention is far more comfortable than filling your pockets or lugging a purse around. The use of the Pocket Locker may just be the perfect way to add comfort and convenience to your everyday life.

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