Pipe with Built in Cleaner

The Pipe with Built in Cleaner is a dugout with a built-in cleaning device for a smoking pipe.

  • Integral Pipe Cleaning Mechanism
  • Allows for Automatic Cleaning of Straight Pipe after Use
  • Spiral Spring Shaft with Nylon Cleaning Bristles
  • No Additional Cleaning Items Needed
  • Easily Carried in Pocket


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jesus Jorro, Jr. of Toledo, OH has created a dugout with a built-in cleaning device for a smoking pipe.

A dugout is a small container, typically made from wood, used to hold smoking material and a small straight pipe. However, one characteristic of the straight pipe is that it requires cleaning after each use. This forces users to carry around cleaning tools and supplies such as pipe cleaners or cotton swabs. This can truly be aggravating when cleaning items are forgotten or cannot be found. Inventor Jorro was using the dugout pipe system and found that the ashes were tough to get out. He banged the pipe around and still couldnt get all the ashes removed. He saw that it already had a spring and thought, Why not add the rest? This is when the idea for the Pipe with Built in Cleaner was born.

This clever new invention features an integral pipe cleaning mechanism. It allows for automatic cleaning of a straight pipe after use. The brush is provided with a spiral spring shaft along with nylon cleaning bristles. No additional cleaning items are needed. The device is easily carried in ones pocket. The use of the Pipe with Built in Cleaner allows dugout users to keep their smoking pipe clean in a nearly automatic manner which is quick, easy, and effective!

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