Pipe Support Device

The Pipe Support Device is used to hold pipes during brazing, soldering, or welding procedures.

  • Allows for Easy Assembly of Pipes
  • Prevents Pipes from Moving/Rolling
  • Speeds Work
  • Increases Quality & Safety
  • Only One Person Needed to Install


Design Patent #D720,206

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Patrick Mark Brennan a HVAC tech from Reading, PA has created an apparatus used to hold pipes during brazing, soldering, or welding procedures. 

As anyone who performs a lot of physical work will attest, nothing beats having the proper tool for a job.  For piping and plumbing work, pipes are typically attached to one another via the use of soldering, brazing, or welding. To perform such operations, the pipes must be supported in the correct configuration for an extended period of time, without moving. Also, they must be supported in an elevated position so that complete access to the joint is provided. This is very difficult for one person due to the tendency of pipes to roll about when on a flat surface.  Another worker can help hold the components, but such a solution requires twice the manpower, and may subject the other worker to safety hazards. Inventor Brennan has created a means by which pipes can be supported during various connection processes without these disadvantages.

This clever new invention allows for an easy assembly of pipes. It prevents pipes from moving or rolling. It speeds work and increases quality and safety. Only one person is needed. The use of the Pipe Support Device allows for the easy holding of pipes during assembly procedures in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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