Pinge, (Door Hinge Pin Remover)

The Pinge, (Door Hinge Pin Remover) is a new design for a door hinge pin remover.

  • Careful Removal of Door Hinge Pins
  • Innovative New Design
  • Won't Scratch Doors or Trim
  • Strong, Durable, and Effective

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Richard Edwards of Oakland, MD has created a new design for a door hinge pin remover.

A door hinge pin remover is a unique tool for quickly and easily removing door hinge pins when taking off doors. Inventor Edwards has created a means for a door hinge pin remover that better protects doors and surrounding areas from damage during door removal. It better protects the door, frame, and molding during pin removal as opposed to other methods commonly used while trying to remove a door. It also saves time and prevents frustration.

This clever invention is an innovative new design. It allows for the careful removal of door hinge pins. The device wont scratch doors or trim. It is strong, durable, and effective. The use of the Pinge, (Door Hinge Pin Remover) allows for quick removal of door hinge pins in a manner which is easy and effective.

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