Pill Shooter

The Pill Shooter easily and safely launches pill-shaped medication into an animals mouth.

  • Ensures Animals Won’t Spit Out Medication
  • Easy to Control
  • Efficient and Accurate
  • No Fumbling
  • Tension Can Be Adjusted to Control Velocity


Utility Patent #10,219,882

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Edgar C. Cohen, Jr. of Keystone Heights, FL has created an apparatus that easily and safely launches pill-shaped medication into an animals mouth.

Veterinarians, farmers, and pet owners routinely administer medications to animals during treatment. Unfortunately, the act of orally delivering medication is unnatural to these animals and may cause harm or discomfort. The animal may negatively react and even damage the medication delivery device or injure the one who is administering the medication. Inventor Cohen knew there had to be a better way to deliver pills to an animal without fear of damage or injury to the person or animal. This is when the idea for the Pill Shooter was born.

This clever new invention is unique in the way it delivers medicine. It cancels out the chance of injury on the veterinarians part. It ensures that the animal being treated will not spit out the medication. With the Pill Shooter, there wont be any fumbling. The device is easy to control and is efficient and accurate. Tension can be adjusted to control the velocity of the launch into the animals mouth. The device has been tested and in use for years and now its being brought to market!

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