Pick-Up Truck Bed Cargo Top

The Pick-Up Truck Bed Cargo Top is a lightweight temporary bed cover for use on a pick-up truck.

  • Adjustable
  • Waterproof Nylon Canvas
  • Durable and Water Tight Structure
  • Easy To Install and Remove by Only One Person
  • Can Also Be Used For Camping, Hunting, and Tailgating


Utility Patent #9,481,404

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Warren N. Rich of Waynesboro, PA has created a lightweight temporary bed cover for use on a pick-up truck.

The popularity of the pick-up style truck as an everyday vehicle is more wide spread than it ever has been. The availability of aftermarket accessories only enhances the attractiveness of pick-up trucks. One of the most common accessories is a truck cap which covers and protects the entire bed area. While such an accessory succeeds at protecting bed contents, it is basically a permanent change to the functionality of the truck. While it can be removed to return the truck bed to open air use, it is a time consuming process to install and remove, and often requires the help of one or two additional people. Also, these bed caps are relatively expensive, especially if they are only really needed on an infrequent basis. Inventor Rich has created a means for an improved cargo top which eliminates these issues.

This clever new invention is made from waterproof nylon canvas. It is adjustable. It provides a durable and water tight structure. It is easy to install and remove by only one person. It can also be used for camping, hunting, and tailgating. The use of the Pick-up Truck Bed Cargo Top provides pick-up truck owners all of the benefits of a conventional truck bed cap without the cost or disadvantages when it is not needed.

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