Photo Bead Charm

The invention is a system and method by which photographscan be applied and displayed as a bead charm on a charm bracelet.

  • Unique Fashion Statement 
  • Holds Picture Securely 
  • Interchangeable With Other Beads 
  • Clear Protective Covering 
  • Waterproof



Story Behind the Invention

InventorLois R. Westfall of McGregor, ONhas created a system and method by which photographs can be applied anddisplayed on any charm bead system.

Modern fashiontrends dictate an ever evolving and changing of popularity wherein theclothing, jewelry, and accessories that are considered cutting edge today arepass tomorrow.  Not limited strictly toclothing, a need for innovation extends to all areas of fashion, including thatof accessories, such as costume and fine jewelry.     Inventor Westfallhas developed a new and innovative means by which to advance the fashionindustry with photo beads for charm bracelets.

This clever newinvention holds pictures securely, has clear protective covers as to not damagethe photographs, and is waterproof. The beads of the invention can be mixedwith other beads to create a unique charm bracelet that would make a funfashion statement.   The use of the PhotoBead Charm allows users to proudly show pictures of loved onesand other objects in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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