Pet Coat with Heating and Cooling Means

The Pet Coat with Heating and Cooling Means is an article of clothing for a pet with securing means, side portions, and a back portion with pockets for receiving heating or cooling thermal gel packs.

  • Protection Against Extreme Physical Elements
  • Gel Packs are Microwaveable & Freezable
  • Easy Application & Removal
  • For Use on Common Household Pets
  • Available in All Colors, Styles & Sizes


Design Patent #D728,866

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Christopher J. Boehler of Aviston, IL has created a protective outer covering for pets with integral heating and cooling capabilities.

Animals such as cats and dogs are exposed to a wide variety of physical environments with nothing more than their fur to protect them. There are times when additional protection is needed for the comfort and safety of the animal. The market has responded to this need with the availability of jackets or sweaters that cover the pet's torso. While this provides some relief against rainy or cold weather, it does nothing for extremely hot weather. Inventor Boehler has created a means by which pets can be protected from all types of extreme weather conditions.

This clever new invention gives protection against extreme physical elements using microwavable and freezable gel packs. It has easy application and removal. It is for use on common household pets and available in all colors, styles, and sizes. The use of the Pet Coat with Heating and Cooling Means allows for the protection of pets against extreme temperature conditions, in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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