Pet Shoes with Harness Straps

Our Pet Shoes with Harness Straps gives your dog the paw protection he needs and prevents their pet shoes from falling off during your walk. This unique design keeps your pet shoe on your pets feet like no other on the market today.

  • Harness Keeps Shoes in Place
  • Pivoting Point Allows Free Movement
  • Protects Paws from Sharp Objects & Harsh Weather
  • Rubber Traction for Slippery Surfaces
  • Waterproof

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Frank Tullo of Oxnard, CA has created a paw protection device to keep an animals paws protected from physical elements.

Pets are exposed to a wide variety of physical environments with nothing more than their fur to protect them. There are times when additional protection is needed for the comfort and safety of the animal. This can be during inclement weather conditions or when exposed to brush, rocks and gravel, broken glass, sharp metal, and the like which can cause physical harm and discomfort. Moreover, even if the animal should go no further than their backyard, time and effort is often spent cleaning the animal before it is let back indoors. The need to protect the paws of search and rescue dogs is perhaps even more critical. These dogs are highly trained and expensive. They are exposed to dangerous places such as earthquake and flood areas, and if a dog goes down, its a truly bad situation. Inventor Tullo has created a means by which pets can be protected from these physical hazards.

This clever new invention is a harness that keeps shoes in place. A pivoting point allows for free movement. Clips are breakaway so pets will not be caught. It protects paws from sharp objects and harsh weather. There is rubber traction for slippery surfaces. It is also waterproof. The use of the Pet Shoes with Harness Straps allows pet owners the ability to provide their animals protection against physical elements in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective

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