Pet Rescuer

The Pet Rescuer alerts owners of pets that are trapped inside an overly hot or cold vehicle.

  • Prevents Tragic Pet Deaths
  • Temperature Sensor Tracks Temperature of Ambient Air
  • Alarm Sounds When Limit is Exceeded
  • Transmitter is Worn by Pet upon Its Collar
  • Receiver is in Keychain Form or Worn on the Wrist of the Owner


Utility Patent #10,446,006

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors David W. Johnson, Jr. and Sethia E. Scott of Baltimore, MD have created a pet safety device that alerts owners of pets that are trapped inside an overly hot or cold vehicle.

It is all too often that we learn of a tragedy involving death or serious injury that results from pets being locked inside of a vehicle on a hot or freezing cold day. Even on somewhat cool days, the most responsible of owners have been known to head into a store for just a few minutes, and then run into delays. Temperatures can quickly rise in the direct sun or plummet in the wintertime which can place pets in a life threatening situation. Inventors Johnson and Scott have created a means for a device that alerts pet owners whenever a vehicles temperature exceeds a pre-determined limit.

This clever new invention prevents tragic pet deaths. A temperature sensor tracks the temperature of ambient air. An alarm sounds when the limit has been exceeded. A transmitter is worn by a pet upon its collar. A receiver is in keychain form or it is worn on the wrist of the owner. The use of the Pet Rescuer saves pets from accidental confinement in hot or cold motor vehicles in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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