Pet Diaper

The invention is fastened around a pets rear legs and tail for easy clean up and to prevent messy accidents in the home.

  • Similar To A Parade Horse Manure Catcher
  • Does Not Touch The Pets Fur
  • Prevents Smells And Messes
  • Used On Almost Any Animal
  • Straps are Adjustable
  • Disposable

Story Behind the Invention

Under normal circumstances, dogs are let outside in a fenced in area, or walked on a leash to take care of their bathroom duties. This provides mental and physical stimulation for the dog and satisfies some basic instincts, such as the marking of their territory. However, some dogs that are very young, very old, or those that are sick may not have adequate control of their bodily functions. This typically translates into a mess while inside a home or in a car. Additionally, even those with healthy dogs must go to the effort of picking up droppings of their canine friends when taking them for a neighborhood walk. Inventor Phipps has created a means by which one can effectively contain droppings from dogs.

This clever new invention does not touch the pets fur, prevents smells and messes, and can be used on just about any animal. The straps of the invention are adjustable to fit different sized pets, and best of all when finished with use the diaper is disposable. The use of the Pet Diaper relieves pet owners from having to deal with inside accidents, as well as normal cleanup of droppings in a manner which is not only quick, effective, and easy, but sanitary as well.

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