Pet Bathing Brush With Hose Attachment

The invention is a washing, massaging, and rinsing device that aids in the bathing of pets.

  • Reduces The Time Necessary To Bathe Pet
  • Fits Standard Hoses
  • Provides For A Healthier Pet
  • Easy To Hold Onto
  • Allows For Use Of Warm Water


Utility Patent #8,555,819

Story Behind the Invention

Keeping pets is a time-consuming task, requiring one to constantly feed, groom, and clean up after their animal friends. Those who own dogs know the importance of frequent bathing to keep their pets coat healthy, clean, and fresh smelling. For this process, many take their pets to pet grooming salons. Others may bathe their pet in a sink or bathtub while others bathe their pet outside. However, no matter the bathing method or location, it is always important to properly massage the pets fur to help loosen dead skin, hair, and dander. It is also very important to provide for a proper rinsing to remove all traces of dirt and shampoo. Inventor McFarland created a means by which pets can be easily and thoroughly bathed.
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